• "The past is for reference and not for residence"
  • "Success comes in cans...not in cannots"
  • "Seize the day!"
  • "Get right or get left"
  • "Sometimes silence has more presence than noise"
  • "Be the best you can be in the arena"
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Welcome to The Akabusi Company

Hello and a personal welcome from me, Kriss Akabusi, to the official website of The Akabusi Company.

When you think of me what do you see?  Sportsman, television personality, the big laugh? :)Well I am all those things but more.

Over the past twenty years I, with the help of some fun loving awe-inspiring people, have built The Akabusi Company.  A business engaged with communicating high energy, inspirational messages from the conference platform or creating exciting, motivational workshops and awards presentations.

We at The Akabusi Company see ourselves as an additional resource for the conference organiser or senior management team to leverage the key messages from the executive board to the delegates in a fun loving, inspirational thought provoking way, getting the conference off to the right note or sending your key professionals home with a can do attitude.

I take personal pride in not just telling my stories in a humorous engaging fashion, but by getting to understand the company/business/organisation I am working with, the issues on the ground, the contributions that your delegates make to the overall success of your organisations agenda, so that I can build my presentation around your delegates experience and company goals.

Please take your time to review this website, see the testimonials and then make your decision as to if we are worth working with to achieve your goals. You may come direct to my office 01525840183 for further assistance in making up your mind or for those who prefer the comfort of a third party you can speak to one of the many agencies/bureaus we see as our partners in delivering magical moments and motivational memories for the business community.

The Akabusi Company team are ready and waiting to take care of you enquiry and I really do hope to be working with you soon so until then, keep smiling!

Kriss Akabusi MBE
CEO, Fire starter and Ambassador of Now
The Akabusi Company

  • 'If you find yourself in the middle of no where, dont rush, slow down.
    Open your mind, your heart, your will.
    And you might find yourself in the middle of no where...
    For ALL who wander are not lost.
    ' - Kriss Akabusi
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